Quinta Do Grifo


Quinta Do Grifo is one of the last vineyard creations in Europe by Paul-François Vranken in 2004. The vineyard set up and shaped on a single hillside overlooking the Douro and the spanish border. The Quinta Do Grifo has many advantages, it is composed exclusively of a vineyard vines classified A and this spectacular area is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2001.

Douro's valley

Quinta Do Grifo is one of the rare estates to produce both red wine and young vintage ports on the same plot and using the same native varietal, touriga nacional. Quinta Do Grifo draws the quintessence of its terroir, presenting two exceptional ranges: wines and ports, elaborated according to two different processes.

Douro's valley

This region lies on the Meseta which is the oldest geological formation of the Iberian Peninsula and is composed mainly of shale Cambien and Precambrian. The Douro region is very mountainous and arid. The loose soil on slopes ranging from 35 to 75% has necessitated terrace cultivation. It is a granite floor, covered with shale and rich in phosphorus forcing roots to sink 5 to 10 meters in order to draw water and nutrients. The climate is characterized by cold, wet winters and prolonged and very hot summers. It is this ability of the soil to retain moisture at greater depths and reverberate surface heat that led to this exceptional concentration, contributing to give his body and fruity to the wine from the Douro.

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